IFComp 2018... SI INIZIA!

Puntuale come ogni anno è iniziata l'IFComp, la più importante competizione di avventure testuali del mondo. L'edizione 2018 vanta la bellezza di 77 titoli in concorso (ma stavolta nessun autore italiano).
Le regole per i giudici sono semplicissime e le due principali si possono riassumere così:
- Ogni gioco che vogliamo valutare deve essere giocato PER UN TEMPO MASSIMO di 2 ore;
- Ogni giudice deve giudicare almeno 5 titoli entro il 15 Novembre;
E non dimenticatevi di fare una donazione libera al Colossal Fund, per contribuire alla costituzione del montepremi!
  • “Bullhockey!” by B F Lindsay — (My review)
  • “Dilemma” by Leonora — (My review)
  • “The Origin of Madame Time” by Mathbrush — (My review - Pending)
  • “Bi Lines” by Norbez — (My review)
  • “Time Passed” by Davis G. See
  • “A Final Grind” by nrsm_ha
  • “Within a circle of water and sand” by Romain
  • “The Forgotten Tavern” by Peter M.J. Gross
  • “Intelmission” by Martyna “Lisza” Wasiluk
  • “The Addicott Manor” by Intudia
  • “The Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas” by Luke A. Jones
  • “Eunice” by Gita Ryaboy
  • “Writers Are Not Strangers” by Lynda Clark
  • “Nightmare Adventure” by Laurence Emms, Vibha Laljani
  • “Cannery Vale” by Keanhid Connor
  • “Diddlebucker!” by J. Michael
  • “Terminal Interface for Models RCM301-303” by VigiMech Corporation
  • “A Woman’s Choice” by Katie Benson
  • “Tower” by Ryan Tan
  • “Charming” by Kaylah Facey
  • “Dungeon Detective” by Wonaglot et cie
  • “Adventures with Fido” by Lucas C. Wheeler
  • “Campfire Tales” by Matthew Deline
  • “En Garde” by Jack Welch
  • “Escape from Dinosaur Island” by Richard Pettigrew
  • “StupidRPG” by Steven Richards
  • “Ostrich” by Jonathan Laury
  • “I Should Have Been That I Am” by E. K. Wagner
  • “Basilica de Sangre” by Bitter Karella
  • “Alias ‘The Magpie’” by J. J. Guest
  • “Ailihphilia” by N. Y. Llewellyn
  • “Tohu wa Bohu” by alex wesley moore
  • “Dream Pieces 2” by Iam Curio
  • “Border Reivers” by Vivienne Dunstan
  • “Dreamland” by eejitlikeme
  • “Abbess Otilia’s Life and Death” by A.B.
  • “H.M.S. Spaceman” by Nat Quayle Nelson and Diane Cai
  • “And You May Find Yourself” by VPC
  • “Ürs” by Christopher Hayes and Daniel Talsky
  • “Birmingham IV” by Peter Emery
  • “The King of the World” by G.A. Millsteed
  • “Instruction Set” by Jared Jackson
  • “Pegasus” by Michael Kielstra
  • “They Will Not Return” by John Ayliff
  • “Junior Arithmancer” by Mike Spivey
  • “+ = x” by Chandler Groover
  • “Haywire” by Wade
  • “The Broken Bottle” by Josh Irvin et cie
  • “Tethered” by Linus Åkesson
  • “Anno 1700” by Finn Rosenløv
  • “Six Silver Bullets” by William Dooling
  • “I.A.G. Alpha” by Serhii Mozhaiskyi
  • “LET’S ROB A BANK” by Bethany Nolan
  • “DEVOTIONALIA” by G. Grimoire
  • “smooch.click” by Devon Guinn
  • “Dead Man’s Fiesta” by Ed Sibley
  • “Polish the Glass” by Keltie Wright
  • “Into the Lair” by Kenna
  • “Murder at the Manor” by Obter9
  • “Railways of Love” by Provodnik Games
  • “Linear Love” by Tom Delanoy
  • “Stone of Wisdom” by Kenneth Pedersen
  • “Awake” by Soham Sevak
  • “Bogeyman” by Elizabeth Smyth
  • “Dynamite Powers vs. The Ray of Night!” by Mike Carletta
  • “Lux” by Agnieszka Trzaska
  • “Flowers of Mysteria” by David Sweeney
  • “Careless Talk” by Diana Rider
  • “Let’s Explore Geography! Canadian Commodities Trader Simulation Exercise” by Carter Sande
  • “Erstwhile” by Maddie Fialla, Marijke Perry
  • “Re: Dragon” by Jack Welch
  • “The Temple of Shorgil” by Arthur DiBianca
  • “Animalia” by Ian Michael Waddell
  • “Shackles of Control” by Sly Merc
  • “Grimnoir” by ProP
  • “The master of the land” by Pseudavid
  • “Space Punk Moon Tour” by J_J
In attesa delle prime recensioni dei giochi di quest'anno, non ci resta quindi che invitarvi a rileggere le recensioni di IFItalia dedicate alle edizioni precedenti.
Forza, avventurieri, è giunto il momento di votare i vostri giochi preferiti!

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