The Blackwell Epiphany (ENG)


If you want to get one of the achievements, try to move Rosa over the snow as less as possible. When available, switch to Joey, enter a room and use the Call Rosa command to make "Red" appear in the screen without leaving any footprint outside (not tested).

Joey: Enter door. Read note. Enter door on the right. Examine graffiti on the right and note the underlined word.

Rosa: Examine bricks on the right. Use coffee on brick with the word that was underlined in the graffiti (it changes every time). Take brick. Take key. Use key on door and enter. Open fusebox. Switch power lever. Enter door on the right. Use box on the right (you'll get a fuse). Go back to the fusebox. Use fusebox. Use fuse with "Floor 3" broken fuse.

Joey: Use door on the right, go to the door in the upper floor. Speak with ghost, asking her name. Leave her. Blow on "plastic thing" near the open elevator doors, two times (it falls in the shaft).

Rosa: Use fusebox. Take fuse and use it on "Floor 2" broken fuse. Use door on the right. Use door on the left. Take memory card from elevator. Use phone from inventory. Search for Gotham Collective. Donwload Cast&Crew file. Open notes app. Click on Cast & Crew. Click on Mary. Open search app. Search for Mary Meehan.

Joey: Return to Mary. Tell her about the review. Follow Mary. Give Tie to Mary.

Jocelyn: Take brick. Use brick on right window. Use bell.

Rosa: Go to the police precinct. Speak with Durkin. Mary Meehan. I caught the evening news today. He was looking for me. Just trust me. I can't tell you.

Joey: Enter precinct. Use door on the left. Look at bulletin board.

Rosa: Go to George Ostin apartment.

Joey: Go to the left. Read note over box. Blow over note, two times.

Rosa: Speak with Doorman. George Ostin's apartment. Clothing drive. <consult notes> Grace. Pick up the note. Go to Grace Church. Enter the church. Use note on book of prayers. Return to George's apartment. Talk to Doorman. <consult notes> Lia. Go to police station. Talk to Durkin. <consult notes> Lia is a cop.

Joey: Enter station. Enter door on the left. Examine desk on the right. Examine envelope.

Rosa: Go to Lia Pierro's house. Use mailbox. Examine envelope.

Joey: Enter the house. Look at the picture on the fridge. Enter door in the middle. Speak with the ghost. I'm Joey. Her father. Abacus. Go outside. 

Rosa: Use phone. Search for Wired Abacus. Go to Wired Abacus.

Joey: Enter door on the right. Examine computer. Blow on mouse. Look at screen.

Rosa: Use Phone. Search for Exeter House. Use bell. George Ostin was killed. Leave. I have my reasons.

Joey: Enter apartment. Look at photograph. Notice the numbers (10-29).

Rosa: Go to the Wired Abacus. Use Keypad. Use computer. Take keys. Look at screen. Click on mail icon. Read emails. Exit office. Talk to clerk. Parental Eye?. Re-enter Emil's office. Use software on computer. Use computer. Look at screen. Click on Parental Eye icon. Use phone. Search for Trollgate. Download app. Launch app. Log in. Type KayKay. Click on Forgot Password?. Type Pierro. Close phone. Look at computer screen. Open Parental Eye. Read the password (changes every time). Close program. Open phone. Launch Trollgate. Login. Type: KayKay. Type in the password you found in the mail. Read the Chat log. Return to Lia's house. Use key on door. Enter house. Take Emil's key.

Joey: Enter Kendra's room. Talk to Kendra. Come with me. I'm going to take you to your dad.

Rosa: Enter door on the far right. Use shelf. I'm the Bestower. What happened to you?. "We"?. Kendra is dead. Kendra's spirit. Yes/No. Tell me what happened. Breakfast?.

Joey: Return to Kendra's room. Talk to Kendra. Come with me. Your dad really wants to see you. Prunes and a danish. Go to Exeter House.

Rosa: Use Emil's key on door.

Joey: Enter apartment. Give tie to Kendra.

Rosa: Go to Lia's house and back to the basement. Use shelf. Kendra is safe.

Joey: Give tie to Lia.

Jocelyn: Look at poster. Talk to Joey. You into music?. Where do they play?

Madeline: Talk to Joey. Danny is important to you. Trust me.

Rosa: Stay silent for achievement Ghostly Silent. (when Durkin takes over) Of course not. There's something bigger going on. Choose every given options. Nothing that I can think of.

Rosa: Go to George's Apartment. Talk to Doorman. George's Apartment. Use Elvator. Use George's Tablet. Read emails.

Joey: Use door on the right. I'm a friend of George's. Use door on the right. Blow on note. Read note.

Rosa: Go to police station. Enter. Durkin told me to speak to you. <consult notes> Michael's #. Leave. Go to Grace Church. Enter Church. Talk to priest. Introduce yourself. <consult notes> Michael's #. The telephone. Cooper?. Use Phone. Search for Michael Cooper. Talk to priest. I know about Michael Cooper. This is important. Go to Grace School. Enter Door. Talk to Michael. I'm here to help. Others?. I'm going to stop it. Fine. Shoot. <say nothing>. Go to exit. Talk to Madeline. Ask her everything. Go back to talk to Michael. <consult notes> Grace Group. What happened at the Grace Group meetings?. Who were the members of the group? Go to police station and enter. <consult notes> Peter Fielding. Go to Field's Gym.

Joey: Enter gym. Look at Celebrity Endorsement. Look at photograph. Enter Men's door. Speak with ghost. Peter Fielding? Your father.

Rosa: Go to Grace School. We can't just leave him. Leave. Enter school. So what's the plan. Let's go to the gym. Won't that destroy them. Tell me about Heather. Go to Heather's apt.

Joey: Go through gate. Talk to ghost. Heather Goffstein?. Sure!.

Rosa: Go to police station and enter. <consult notes> Ray. Go to Vantini. Enter the bar. Talk to elderly woman. I need to talk to him. Tell me about Heather. Enemies? Heather's records?

Joey: Blow on Martini glass.

Rosa: While the bartender is distracted, exit through the emergency door. Pour coffee on dumpster. Take rag. Use rag on sludge. Climb the dumpster. Use ladder. Take a running start (anything should work, really). Use window. Use computer. You need better security. Go to George's Apt.

Joey: reach the other apartment. Talk to ghost. You definitely look a bit familiar. Talk about the note. J...?

Rosa: Open phone. Search for Tanya Corsey. Go to Newsroom. Talk to man. So what do you do here? Did you work here when Tanya was alive? Open phone. Consult notes. Combine Client list + Jim Peebles. Talk to Jim. <consult notes> Heather Goffstein. Leave the conversation. Talk again to Jim (this might be a bug). Jim, I know everything. Heather and Tanya... It's up to you. Go to Gym.

Joey: Enter and go back to Peter. Talk to Peter. Personal training sessions.

Rosa: Go to police station and enter. <consult notes> Peter's number. Go to Fielding's apartment.

Joey: Enter room. Blow on card (left from the woman). Look at papers (right from the woman).

Rosa: Open phone. Consult email. Read Sam Durkin message. Download case files. Open notes app. Combine Karth File + Case #. Knock on Door. Maggie? <Pick up the card>. Your father. Leave. Go to Fielding Sr?. Examine tombstone. Go to Gym. Use card on door. Pick up picture frame. Examine picture frame. Use Calendar. Use Marker. Click on the month and write March. Click on the 18th.

Joey: Go and speak with Peter. Reschedule.

Rosa: Go to police station and enter. <consult notes> Connor Fielding. Go to Fielding's apartment. Knock on door. Your father is dead. Peter visited the cemetery. I learned a bit about your father. I have my reasons. Go to Greenwood. Talk to Maggie. Tell me about your father. What did Peter do?. Go to George's apt.

Joey: Go to Tanya's apartment. Talk to Tanya. I know who you are. Go to Heather's place. Maybe I should just leave... <back to Grace's School> Why? Energy? No... Like hell. Fight her! Use tie on Madeline.

Rosa: Go to the right. Talk to Auntie. Am I dead?

Joey: Exit room. Go to the left. Enter door to the left. Near paper next to closet. Use vent. Use door. Enter cell to the right. Try to get out. Talk to ghost. Benjiro Hatori. You ran those Grace Group meetings. You deserve it. You suspected? Get to the point. Did it work? Follow Benjiro. Talk to him. Go to the left. Enter Rosa's Cell. Talk to Rosa.

Rosa: Go to Exit. Go to Exit. Use Ledge. Go back. Talk to Auntie. There's this ledge. I think Joey needs our help. Joey saved our lives. He was wrong about you. Go to Exit. Use Ledge. Go to Exit. Go to Exit. Go to Exit. Go to ???. You're family. Move towards door many times until you can interact with the flap. Use flap.

Joey: Go through padded wall. Exit through door. Enter middle room. Blow on scalpel many times until the scalpel enters Rosa's cell.

Rosa: Use scalpel. Take scalpel. Use scalpel with central and left walls. Take old pipe. Use pipe on vent. Use vent. Open closet. Use Door. Go right twice. Use key with call button. Go to Grace School. Enter School. Interact with body. Use stairs.

Joey: Use tie with Rosa.

Rosa: Use chalk with platform.

Joey: Use tie with circle. Exit through portal. Use tie (totem) with Madeline.


You have completed the last episode in the Blackwell saga!

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